Tahalex B.V.


"Your Partner In Quality Construction And Infrastructure "


Over Tahalex B.V. 

Tahalex BV started as a one-man business in 2001 and has since grown into an international company with branches in the infrastructure and energy sectors.

Tahalex BV realizes facilities in the underground and above-ground infrastructure. The focus is on making soil and water functional and on the transport and distribution of energy, water, gas and data.

Soil, water and energy are important pillars of the infrastructure in our environment. The design of that living environment is becoming increasingly complex. Moreover, an environment that we must handle with care and with a view to sustainability. This requires vision, an integrated approach and clear future-oriented solutions, designed and implemented by specialists.

The people at Tahalex BV like to create such clear solutions. Offering continuity and security for its clients, employees and other business partners is paramount.


Pipeline construction

Tahalex International BV has built an extraordinary reputation in the field of laying transport and service lines for gas, water, electricity and data. The Pipelines & Facilities department of Tahalex International BV works together with a.hak and BAM. In the field of distribution networks, we take care of the connection into the meter cupboard and can also take on the entire communication with the end user.

Renewable energy

Tahalex BV focuses on sustainable cooperation in a sustainable society. We are aware of the impact of our work and our responsibilities. Safety, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are core values. The transition to renewable energy is the task of today and tomorrow. Tahalex BV has an extensive network of cooperating partners and suppliers in this energy sector and is innovative in the field of '' Green building 'and the reuse of materials and products.


Tahalex BV was expanded in 2016 with an international department that focuses on consultancy and cooperation in infrastructure projects, renewable energy, CSP systems, waste (water) processing and the supply of materials. Tahalex BV has built up a network of contacts and partners in the Middle East and North Africa.